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Moving Tips

How to Pack Clothes for Moving.

Moving can be exciting and stressful. While it offers an opportunity for change and reinvention, it also comes with to-do lists and details and a lot of packing. It might seem like your clothes will be easy to move and require only suitcases and duffel bags, but you might want to be a little more organized than that. Clothing is heavy, and it is important to keep your garments safe from damage and dry when transporting it from your old home to your new home. Pack clothes for moving by planning ahead and using the proper packing materials.


Have plenty of supplies. Utilize wardrobe boxes.

When you are trying to transport dress shirts, pants, dresses, etc. you need a way to keep them from getting wrinkled. Wardrobe boxes are tall, with handles on both sides, and are equipped with a hanging rack at the top. They allow you to hang your clothes on hangers, thereby not having to fold them. This way you also will have most of your clothes hangers packed as well, and put to good use.

Color coordinate. Put labels on your boxes.

Each of the labels should have: season, size, type (clothes, jackets, coats, undergarments, etc.), who it belongs to, and where it is going in the new house. You can buy pre-made labels for moving, or use some labels from when you last wrapped Christmas packages. Taping a piece of paper onto the box is another great option. Make sure that you use enough tape to secure the label.


Pack shoes separately from your clothing.


This will prevent your clothes from getting dirty. Use shoeboxes to pack your shoes if you still have them. You can stack the shoeboxes on top of one another in a larger box.

  • Stuff shoes with socks or paper to ensure they keep their form and do not get crushed if you are packing them without shoeboxes. This will also prevent them from scuffing one another.

  • Alternate the position of your shoes in the boxes to save space.


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